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Gwalia sing at Prince Charles' birthday celebrations

The Gwalia were recently honoured to sing at Prince Charles' birthday celebrations at the London Palladium.

The choir joined forces with the London Welsh Rugby Club Choir and the Kingdom Choir, and among a host of stars including Armstrong & Miller, Sandi Toksvig, Rowan Atkinson, magicians Penn & Teller and Dynamo, Omid Djalili and Kylie Minogue.

The choirs came onstage to accompany Bill Bailey during the finale, which also included The Band of the Welsh Guards, before lining up backstage to welcome The Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall as they met the cast.



LW Mag - Gwalia Report - August 2018


A ‘Relaxed’ Gwalia taking-in the good weather

After a bitterly cold and hectic first quarter of 2018, the Gwalia’s early summer workload has thankfully followed the beautiful weather and become a more leisurely affair. Good timing, as It’s given our new Musical Director [Wyn Hyland] a great opportunity to assess the current programme, introducing various new numbers, while re-introducing crowd-pleasers from the past.

The new combination of Wyn and our new accompanist Chris Ducket will be galvanising the choir over the next couple of months, leading up to a number of concerts.


Concert for the Norwich Welsh Society  on Sept 22

This will be a charity concert that all are welcome to attend.
The Gwalia have historical ties with this venue, and it will be wonderful to spend a couple of days in Norwich, hopefully meeting up with a few old acquaintances.

In October we are looking forward to taking part in the Bloomsbury Festival and the Concert with the other Welsh male choirs in London at a concert in Jewin chapel to mark the 60th anniversary of  the Welsh school.

Concerts in France - Commemorating the centenary of the Armistice. 9-12 Nov

Following the Gwalia’s successful tour of the region in 2016, and Choeur Agache's vist to London last October we have been invited by the local Mayor of Perenchies , near Lille, to take part in two concerts to commemorate the above.

Although being a sombre occasion, the different styles of the choirs will complement each other and hopefully once again receive a wonderful reception by an audience that on our last visit seemed to comprise the whole town.


Great Weather for Weddings

It was a hot, old-fashioned June summers day, when the Gwalia led the wedding congregation at Southwark, ‘The Church of the Precious Blood’ on Saturday 30th. A predominately Welsh hymn set, was led by guest conductor Haydn James and accompanied by David  Harvey. Many thanks to both, for doing such a sterling job after standing-in at very short notice.
Well done to everyone who attended, and also for coping well with the extreme temperature up in the balcony. Also, well done for the Bride who entered the church with impeccable timing to the start of Calon Lan.
As always, it was a very joyous occasion, with added interest during the event coming from the priest’s microphone being still on as we sang during the signing of the register, and the frequent roars from the nearby pubs, whenever there was a world cup goal.

A perfect wedding day. Hopefully the weather will still be as good when we sing in the open air at a wedding reception in a house in Surrey at the end of July.



LW Mag - Gwalia Report - May 2018


Feb 10th England v Wales at Old Deer Park


The Gwalia new year started off with a bang at Old Deer Park with a joint performance with the London Welsh Rugby choir. The marquee at Old Deer Park is always a fantastic atmosphere during the 6 Nations, and this was no exception. The pre-match entertainment included a long line of various bands, and culminated in the choir leading a massive audience singalong of welsh classics, conducted by Arthur Simpson. It was so surprising to find so many English supporters in the crowd, knowing the melodies and attempting the welsh lyrics. ‘Delilah’ might not be PC, but omit it at your peril.


 Gwalia beats the ‘Beast from the East’

Despite the horrendous winter weather and travel chaos, congratulations to everyone who managed to get to the following series of engagements during a very busy March.



Mar 1st St. David’s Day at the East India Club, St James Square


The audience, consisting of a group of senior property owners, and a smattering of famous ex rugby internationals from Wales and Ireland, were holding their 30th St Davids’s anniversary dinner at this iconic venue. They were entertained before and after dinner by a combination of choristers from both the Gwalia and the London Welsh Rugby Choir, and was superbly conducted by Arthur Simpson, who also helped to create a relaxed atmosphere with a few well-timed anecdotes.

The programme consisted of a series of typical Welsh favourites, and was greatly appreciated by an audience who were encouraged to join in. One ex international enjoyed it so much he made the comment….”At times like this, I remember why I got involved with rugby in the first place”…


Mar 2nd A late night at the Oxford and Cambridge Club


As the weather got worse, the second engagement took place the following day in Pall Mall, at yet another iconic venue. The Gwalia have been invited to perform at this venue for a number of years and provided a very full programme for the club’s annual St David’s Day dinner.

As in previous years, the varied programme contained a combination of Welsh and English numbers, and lasted long into the evening. As is tradition at this engagement, after the meal was over, the audience and choir left the dining hall of this magnificent building and retired to the members bar where everyone enjoyed a more informal repertoire, allowing the club members the opportunity to sing some of their own favourites back to the Gwalia, conducted and accompanied by Wynn Hyland at the piano.


There’s always a relaxed atmosphere at this engagement, and many friendships have been made over the years. It was delightful for both groups of people to see familiar faces again.

As the singing and drinking progressed, there was a danger that no-one would be able to get home through public transport due to the weather. No-one seemed to mind, while the official message from the club was that “...if necessary, blankets would be found for anyone needing to stay at the club overnight.”


….. Another drink anyone?....



Mar 18th  Subversion at the Barbican


The snow and ice didn’t deter those choristers able to make it to the Barbican Centre one chilly Sunday evening in the middle of March. The engagement was at the second of two evenings of the ‘Barbican Openfest’, listed as follows:


 “two nights of electric entertainment recreate the live buzz, subversive energy and community spirit of working class clubs, providing the perfect antidote to a hard week of graft”.


The organisers requested two numbers. We sang ‘Cwm Rhondda’ and ‘Rachie’,

and we were on stage between a bingo session and a charity meat auction! We understand other entertainers included a comedian, a burlesque act and a poet. Needless to say, after a required performance of only two songs, the choir extended their repertoire in a local hostelry……….



April 24th  Spring Singfest, Emmanuel Church, Lyncroft Gardens


The Gwalia were delighted to take part in the recent Singfest , which is an annual choral event organised by Janet Fisher, and run in aid of the Marie Currie cancer trust.


This year the choirs involved were, in order of appearance;  Cor Meibion Gwalia, Cor Llunsain, Belsize, Cantereas, Fortune Green, which in presenting a diversity of style and content delivered an interesting and entertaining evening to an appreciative audience.


Thanks go to the excellent Lindy Tennant-Brown for stepping in to accompany Wynn Hyland.

The event raised £1,250 on the night.


‘Sad but Uplifting’

Sometimes a funeral can be a very positive occasion. A mixed choir from the Gwalia and Rugby choir, recently sang at two such funerals.

Baron Ivor Richard, at West Norwood crematorium, and Julie Dianne Adams cremated at Mortlake.


The eulogies documenting the lives of both, described such positivity in their lives, which set such a reassuring atmosphere for the entire congregations.  God Bless them both.



James Hearn - End of an Era


The month of March also saw James Hearn standing down as MD of the Gwalia after an excellent five years reign. He has reluctantly come to this decision through a combination of health and personal issues, and we all wish him a speedy recovery.


The choir has greatly improved during his tenure, and everyone in the choir would like to thank him sincerely for everything he has done.  He brought a wonderful dynamism to our performances, and will also be remembered by many for his own theatrical performances that enthralled numerous audiences. We wish James all the very best for the future.


Wynn Hyland has now taken over as MD, and we look forward to another exciting period of development.


LW Mag - Gwalia Report - Feb 2018

The Gwalia at the Autumn Internationals


The recent Wales v New Zealand autumn international at the Prudential Stadium in Cardiff, saw the Gwalia combine with three other Welsh choirs to provide the pre-match entertainment and National Anthems, directed as usual by Haydn James. The choir was comprised of the Gwalia, Côr Meibion Machynlleth , Côr Meibion Morlais, and John’s Boys, with the accompaniment coming from the ‘Central Band of the RAF’.

The quality of the combined choir on the pitch received many compliments, with none better than from Haydn’s report published on the RAF website.


…”Over the years, it has been a privilege to have conducted some of the very best choirs in the Principality and elsewhere, and Saturday at the Wales v New Zealand game was no exception. We had three Eisteddfod-winning choirs plus a choir with members drawn from two of the very best choirs in North Wales. Together, they produced a truly thrilling sound, and had clearly worked so hard to memorise everything, including the Maori words of a short Medley, and of course the New Zealand Anthem”……Haydn James


A big thank you goes to Haydn James for coordinating such a powerful occasion.

It's a shame we lost the match, although Haydn did suggest that next time the choir ought to remain on the field and help with the ‘tackling’!


The choir were filmed throughout the day and the footage was shown on Breakfast TV as part of a documentary on the psychological benefits of collective song during stressful moments.




Gwalia & French Connection


Shortly after the Gwalia's 50th anniversary concert, November saw them host a very successful joint concert with the choir.. 'Choeur Agache'  from Perenchies  in Northern France.

It was a very enjoyable evening with an interesting mix of styles between the two choirs. The Choir Agache even treating the audience to a selection of traditional French songs alongside Van Gellis (Conquest of Paradise) and a wonderfully humorous number involving a rousing male lead and the donning of hats.

The Mayor of Perenchies accompanied them on this, their first trip to London, and he enjoyed the occasion so much the Gwalia have been formally invited to France later in the year for a joint concert to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Armistice.




The Great Northern Hotel and the Sepsis Trust


The first xmas charity concert was at the Grade 1 listed Great Northern Hotel where the Gwalia sang a mixture of traditional Welsh songs were interspersed with well-known Carols.

The evening was organised by the owner of the Great Northern Hotel, Jeremy Robson, and was held in aid of 'The Sepsis Trust'.

It was hosted by Lord Michael Grade with the underlying theme of the event being to raise awareness of Sepsis, which surprisingly, for such a dangerous condition, gets very little media attention.

Throughout the evening, people who have been affected by this serious condition gave emotional first-hand accounts of their experiences.


Festive end to the year.


The last charity event of the year was a joint Xmas Concert at Ewen Hall, Chipping Barnet,  which featured the Gwalia and the entertaining and lively mixed choir, 'Choirs R Us', conducted by Jenny Bennett.

The varied programme,  was well received by a packed audience, with a finale that involved both choirs on stage, singing ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland’. The audience joined in, which made for a very festive mood. Huge thanks goes to Jenny Gould for being our guest accompanist as such short notice.

The charity evening had a very positive atmosphere and resulted in a magnificent sum of £2,030 raised on the night on behalf of the North London Samaritans.


 John Ball

Book Reviews

Gwalia members have been responsible recently for the production of two books - one light-hearted, the other serious.


'The Nant Tarw Saga'

To celebrate the Gwalia Male Choir's 50th Anniversary, Dave Hurlbut and Honorary Member, Ron 'Tidy' Williams have produced 'The Nant Tarw Saga'. This is a collection of short stories written by two founder members of the Gwalia, John Evans and Wynne Davies, both of whom, regrettably, no longer with us. The Saga first appeared in 'Tempo Gwalia' the choir's in-house magazine in the 1980's and 90's, and it recounts the trials and tribulations of a fictional choir in Wales. It is very entertaining, and certain characters will be recognisable amongst those who were, or still are, in the choirs at the London Welsh Centre. Ron and Dave have generously agreed that all proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the London Welsh Centre Trust. The books are available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or from the Bar at the Centre. The suggested donation is £7.50 per book.


'The Lost Sons of Penycae'


The second book that has just been published is 'The Lost Sons of Penycae' by Gwalia top tenor Barry Jones whose family still live in the village of Penycae near Rhosllanerchrugog outside Wrexham. The village's War Memorial has grown so familiar that it attracts little more than a passing glance these days, except on Remembrance Day. This book remembers the courage and sacrifice of the 37 men whose names are engraved on it. In such a small community, everyone knew someone who had died. This is the story of the men who went to war and didn’t come home and how the village changed in the two World wars. It gives a fascinating insight into the war time history and tells the sad and poignant stories of the brave men of this little village near Wrexham.


£2 from every book sold in the Centre goes to the London Welsh Centre Trust.


Steve Davies


LW Mag - Gwalia Report - Nov 2017


It was a 'full house' at the end of September when the Gwalia Male Choir marked its 50th Anniversary with a concert at the London Welsh Centre. Many past members, having travelled from Wales and elsewhere to help the celebrations, enjoyed a varied programme from the choir and soprano Glenys Roberts who has performed with the choir on many occasions. An impressive £2,308 was raised for the London Welsh Centre Trust. A fuller account of the evening appears in this issue.


On a Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks later the choir returned to Horton Kirby in Kent where we first performed 40 years ago. Haydn James was our guest conductor, Chris Duckett performed two brilliant piano solos, and John Ball and Geoff Rogers played guitar and sang Max Boyce and Tom Paxton songs. Before we tucked into the usual superb tea provided by the WI at the end of a lovely, light-hearted concert, the audience, armed with an English translation, joined in with Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau. At the end of that week we performed in Islington Town Hall at the wedding of a groom from Wales and a bride from Essex who, in a role reversal of 'Gavin & Stacey', had asked us to sing 'Islands in the Stream'. As we go to press we are eagerly anticipating a joint concert in the London Welsh Centre with the French choir who last year had helped organise our concerts in northern France to mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.


Steve Davies



Gwalia's Anniversary Concert


The London Welsh Centre lived up to its name on Saturday 30 September. The Gwalia’s concert to celebrate 50 years was a multi-sensory feast! No less than three conductors,  a pianist and a soprano…not counting choir members past and present.


The concert started gently and rose to a fever pitch worthy of the Millennium Stadium on match day. Humorously compéred throughout by Mark Bevan, the audience were carried along to family and friends past and present with songs linked to memories.

Personally, Eli Jenkins’ Prayer always reduces me to tears and that night’s rendition was no exception. Glenys Roberts' Ivor Novello song, coupled with the Gwalia’s Cole Porter set, transported me to watching old films and floating around the living room.

As always, I wait for conductor James Hearn to turn his back on the choir, leave them to sing and give us one of his patient, knowing looks before retaking control. A delightful, humorous touch that gives the audience a sense of inclusion.


In addition toHaydn James and past MD Michael Thomas conducting two songs, there was a call out to past choir members to join the Gwalia on stage. A gentle ripple went around the hall as one by one they rose. Many had brought the little green songbook in the hope of such an invite. A myriad of emotions passed over Ron Tidy’s face - from incredulity to hope and finally elation. It was a delight to see him hesitate and jump for joy as he took to the stage. Comrades in Arms was an apt song – whether the words were remembered or not. With the Gwalia group swelling in numbers, so did the volume and comradery.


On retiring to the bar, we were greeted by a sumptuous buffet. The main debate seems to be centred on carpaccio – how to say it, what was it, how to eat it and who’s been abroad and eaten it! The selection of cheeses along with Welsh cakes and Bara Brith were swooped upon. There was plenty of ‘Hwyl’ when past members and supporters caught up with each other. The young made new friends and revelled in the stories, banter and song.


The evening held a little magic and a sense of longevity – this concert was a moment in time and a part of the whole journey that the Gwalia has made from inception.

It’s always great as a supporter to be invited to join in a concert song and with the after party. The evening promised to be a centre for London Welsh past and present and it lived up to its name. Long may the Gwalia continue…..and dare I say it – can this become an annual reunion?


Noreen Ball


LW Mag - Gwalia Report - Aug '17

Gwalia members and their guests met at the end of June at the Prince of Wales pub in Covent Garden's Drury Lane to celebrate the choir's 50th Anniversary. The choir was formed when a large number of choristers broke away from the London Welsh Male Voice Choir after a disagreement over the alleged relationship between the conductor and accompanist, a time still referred to by longer-standing members of both choirs as 'The Split'. The party was held in the very room where Côr Meibion Gwalia used to hold its weekly rehearsals before moving to Grays Inn Rd. We were very pleased to formally welcome our new President, Cerys Matthews, who, after Huw Edwards (our immediate past President) had presented her with the badge of office, then unveiled a plaque of Welsh slate which has been prominently fixed to the wall inside the pub to celebrate the founding of the choir. The choir's birthday celebrations continue on 30 September with a charity concert and buffet where net proceeds will be given to the LW Centre Trust. An advert with details on how to obtain tickets appears elsewhere in this issue.


When the Gwalia was asked to sing before a civil wedding in The Loft Studios, Kensal Green in May we didn't expect to have to keep it up for over an hour! Just as the ceremony was due to start the best man realised he had left the rings in the hotel and had to rush back to get them. Luckily this did not spoil a very joyous occasion. The groom's family had travelled from Pontypridd and were thrilled and even 'moved to tears' when they were unexpectedly welcomed by the choir on arrival at the venue.


A couple of weeks later we sang at another wedding, this time in the wonderful surroundings of the Kensington Roof Gardens complete with live ducks and flamingos. It was a star-studded affair, the actress bride being the daughter of Jennifer Saunders. The Welsh father of the groom was very nervous about having to speak after his new daughter-in-law's dad, Ade Edmonson, but he reports that it all went well. As well as singing a number of well-known Welsh numbers the Gwalia sang the Beach Boys' classic 'God Only Knows' as Beattie entered the room, and we were then asked to lead the guests in a rendition of Burt Bacharach's 'I Say a Little Prayer'. We had some reservations about this but it sounded really good, though it must be said it is not likely to become a permanent fixture in our repertoire!


In the middle of June we returned to Kensington, this time in the Royal Geographical Society where we were honoured to have been invited to sing at the world premier of the film 'South 2015'. In 2011 the Gwalia sang in the crypt of St Paul's when a plaque was dedicated to those Britons who had lost their lives exploring the Antarctic and this film was about the subsequent voyage to dedicate memorials in the Falklands and Antarctica. 


A few days later we gave a concert in the little East Sussex village of Plumpton Green. It was organised as a surprise for Colin Hill, a long-time supporter and Honorary Member of the Gwalia, who was celebrating his 80th birthday, and his family say he is still talking about it. Before retiring to Sussex, Colin was very active in the London Welsh community, both in Grays Inn Rd and at Old Deer Park, and over the years he has been President of the Voyagers sports charity and, the ladies choir, The Dylan Singers with whom the Gwalia has shared many concerts and overseas tours.



Gwalia's name up in lights in the West End

 As we start the Gwalia's 50th Anniversary year, it is a pleasure to extend a warm welcome our new President, Cerys Matthews MBE. Huw Edwards is stepping down after more than 10 years as the choir's President, and our gratitude goes to him for all his support and encouragement over that time.

Cerys, the founder of multi-million selling band Catatonia and now a successful author and presenter of documentaries and music shows for TV and radio, hosts an award-winning weekly show on BBC 6. Appointed an MBE for her services to music in 2014, Cerys is Vice President of Shelter and of the Hay Festival of Literature and Arts, is patron of the Dylan Thomas Society and Ballet Cymru, and owner of the Good Life Experience festival. Born in Cardiff and a fluent Welsh speaker, Cerys now lives in West London. She said, "I'm a huge fan of choral music, and am delighted to follow in Huw Edwards’ footsteps to become The Gwalia's President".

A small group representing the Gwalia were privileged to sing last May at the funeral in Paris of Richard Osman, the only Briton on the Egypt Air flight that had been brought down that month, and in November we were honoured to be asked by Richard's family to perform in a little church near Carmarthen at a very moving memorial service. As the year drew to a close we went carol-singing at the Great Northern Hotel in Kings Cross and in a couple of hours raised an impressive £440 for London's Air Ambulance. A week later the Gwalia literally had its name up in lights in Piccadilly Circus when, on a specially erected stage next to Eros, we performed to a large West End crowd. Samsung were sponsoring the 'Advent Choir of the World' in which a choir from a different country sang each night in the run-up to Christmas, and the Gwalia was proud to be the choir representing Wales.

Steve Davies 

Hectic St. David's Day for the Gwalia

St David's Day this year for the Gwalia was exhausting but exhilarating. The first of three engagements was a midday wedding at the superbly renovated Christ Church on Turnham Green. As the Welsh bride entered we sang the beautiful Lisa Lan, and during the service her family joined-in enthusiastically with Cwm Rhondda.

After a quick photo with the happy couple the choir made a mad dash across London to get to Westminster, but not before giving an impromptu recital in Chiswick Park tube station (great acoustics!) to an appreciative group of passengers and TFL staff.

Our second (official) performance of the afternoon was in the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft, a hidden architectural gem below the Houses of Parliament in the Palace of Westminster, where we were privileged to participate in the St David's Day Service. The chapel was packed to overflowing including several Welsh Lords and MPs, and the bi-lingual service included contributions from not only the Gwalia but also the children of the Welsh School, and the charismatic Lisa Jên and Mirain Hef. The Gwalia had been asked to give a short concert after the service and we were delighted by the enthusiastic response from the audience

After an early supper accompanied by a medicinal glass of red wine to soothe the vocal chords, we made our way to the London Welsh Centre where we were to take to the stage again for our final performance of the day, supporting the wonderful Siân James in her sell-out concert, a fuller review of which can be found elsewhere within this edition.

To finish off a hectic week, a couple of days later the Gwalia sang at a St David's Day dinner in the impressive Oxford & Cambridge Club in Pall Mall. The end of the evening was memorable as choir and members enjoyed each other's company through a common love of singing. A big thank you goes to not only our hosts for their warmth and generous hospitality, but also to choir-members for giving so much of their time during a very busy family week.

At the end of March we were pleased to take part in a very enjoyable 'Musical Soirée' in Holborn to celebrate the 70th birthday of Anthony, one of our baritones, and a few days later the Gwalia took part in 'Spring Singfest' in West Hampstead with three local choirs and Côr Llunsain. Each choir sang for about 20 minutes in what was a happy and uplifting occasion and helped to raise an impressive £1,411 for Marie Curie.


John Ball


Vive les chœurs d'hommes - November 2016

The Gwalia has recently returned from an emotional trip to France wherewe commemorated those who fell in the Battle of the Somme 100 years ago. At a short informal ceremony attended by the local Mayor we laid a wreath, read poems and sang Sospan Fach (famously sung by the men in the trenches) at the memorial, in the form of a dragon, to the Welsh Regiment who fought a bitter battle at Mametz Wood and where so many Welshmen were killed or wounded. That evening we took part in a concert in the church organised by Choeur d'Hommes Agache who we had contacted some months previously. The choirs sang in each half of the concert, and the Mayor spoke very movingly about the deep respect and gratitude which the village of Mametz holds for those who gave their lives in its defence. Indeed, at the end of the concert several children sang along with Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau which we discovered they are taught in the village school - an amazing tribute to those who fought there.


Earlier in the day the choir and supporters had gathered in a church near our hotel in the centre of Arras to observe a minute's silence to coincide precisely with the commemorations taking place in Wales to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Aberfan disaster. This was followed by a heartfelt rendition of Myfanwy, a song that means so much to the families of the victims of the terrible event.


During our five day tour visits were made to the largest German cemetery in France and the Canadian memorial at Vimy. However, the weekend wasn't an entirely sombre affair; we managed to sample some fine bières Artois and regional cuisine, and took part in an entertaining concert with our new friends in the Agache Male Choir. They had made the arrangements for our first concert and invited us to share a concert with them in their own church in Pérenchies, a town some 90 minutes north of Mametz between the Belgium border and Lille. As with the previous evening, the church was full and the performance very well received. At the civic reception after the concert we were pleased to hear the French choir accept our invitation to sing with us in London in the near future, and the deputy mayor invited us back to Perénchies in 2018 to mark the centenary of the end of the Great War.


Since our last report, in addition to our very memorable few days in France, the Gwalia has taken part in weddings at two superb venues - Jewin Welsh chapel in the City of London and

at the historic Church in Inner Temple. Also, in readiness for our 50th Anniversary celebrations next year, we have released a new CD titled 'O Gymru', an advert for which appears elsewhere in this issue.


Richard Killoughery & Steve Davies



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